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Many travelers plan their vacations on their own.  Self-planning through internet booking websites and membership clubs has changed the travel industry.  Self-service internet websites have made it easy for consumers to make air and hotel reservations on their own.  For many travelers, do-it-yourself planning has led to less-than -enjoyable vacations.  The lack of customer service available through these sources has brought people back to traditionl vacation planners. 

In many cases, consumers who forego the "travel agent" route are still paying for travel agents, even though they aren't using one.  This is because all travel agent commissions are built into the costs of the vacation. Take  Disney as an example.  You can book your entire Walt Disney World vacation directly through the Disney website, and still pay the exact amount you would have paid by using a travel agent. The chart below shows the services you can do on your own, and all of the Disney planning services provided by JVP Travels Services.  There is no cost for our services when you book your vacations with us. 

This is one of the many reasons why using a professional vacation planner like JVP Travel Services is a no-brainer.  You already paid for it, why not use it, and get what you pay for?

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 When you book your next vacation with JVP Travel Services, you will also be supporting an independent small business.  

There's No Comparison

Consider these four items when looking at the chart below:

  1. Checked items with a * require you to do the research and complete the transactions on your own.
  2. Checked items with a $ generally require an upgrade or extra fees.
  3. All of the items listed are provided to booked Clients of JVP Travel Services at no extra charge.
  4. Already booked on your own and didn't use us?  No problem.  We can still help.  Click the red button to "Find Out More" about our low-cost supplemental planning assistance.

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Fee-Based Service F.A.Q.


What is a "Vacation Intervention"?

"Vacation Intervention" is a category of supplemental planning services available to travelers who have planned their vacations on their own, and still need additional planning assistance.

Who can purchase Vacation Intervention services?

Anybody who has planned their own vacation or used a travel agent that does not provide full-service planning can purchase our Vacation Intervention products.  Clients of JVP Travel Services with eligible booked vacation packages automatically receive these services free of charge.

I thought Disney travel agents didn't charge fees for their services. Why do you charge for this?

As part of our concierge-level vacation planning, all of these services are automatically included at no extra charge to Clients of JVP Travel Services who have booked their eligible vacations with us.

Our "Vacation Intervention" services are available to customers who have booked their vacations on their own, or through other suppliers who don't provide full-service vacation planning.  

What destinations are available for this service?

Currently, our Vacation Intervention services are available for Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, and Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii.  

How much does it cost?

Vacation Intervention services are affordably priced, with packages starting as low as $19.99.  We also offer a combo package with all Vacation Intervention services.  Clients who have booked their vacations with JVP Travel Services receive these services as a complimentary part of their vacation package.

I already booked my vacation with another travel agent. Can I still use this service?

ABSOLUTELY! You don't have to change anything, and you will remain a Client of your original agent.  Some travel agents may sell Disney vacations, but may not specialize in Disney.  We do! When you purchase a Vacaton Intervention service, you are adding concierge-level service to your existing plans.


Do you guarantee you can make "hard to get" Disney restaurant reservations?

We have been very successful at securng dining reservations for our Clients. Unfortunately, the availability of restaurant reservations cannot be guaranteed.  Our service takes the hassle  of securing your dining reservations out of your hands.  We will constantly try to get the restaurants you want up until, and even during your vacation.  We will also work with you to find alternative restaurants that meet your needs.

Can I change my plans?

Yes!  We don't charge a fee to cancel your dining reservations or FastPass+ plans. Booking additional reservations is subject to the limits described for each service.  You can always upgrade your Dining or FastPass+ service package to include unlimited chanages.

Do you offer refunds if I am not happy with the service?

It is our goal to provide the highest level of vacation planning to all of our Clients. We only offer refunds in the event we are unable to secure the number of reservations provided by the service you purchase.   

If I purchase a Vacation Intervention service, will I be entered in your Disney Gift Card giveaway?

Our Disney Gift Card Sweepstakes is available exclusively to Clients who book their eligible Disney vacation with JVP Travel Services.  Vacation Intervention services purchased directly from our website are not eligible for this promotion.

What is the $100 Bounce-Back offer?

We are very excited to offer a limited-time gift card rebate to Vacation Intervention Clients who purchase our $99 Itinerary Planning service.  If you book a vacation with JVP Travel Services within one year of your Vacation Intervention purchase, we will send you a $100 Disney or Visa Gift Card after your eligible vacation has been paid in full.   

How do I purchase this service?

When you are ready to purchase one of our Vacation Intervention services, simply click the red "order now" button below to choose the service you would like to order.  We accept all payments via PayPal.

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